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Misc. Blog 03 – Oculus Rift Testing

Hi everyone!   *ahem*   OCULUS RIFT TEST   Right, now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce myself. I’m Andrew, the lead programmer for our upcoming game. I’ve mostly worked on subsystems so far, such as audio and AI backends for the other programmers to use. And whilst I find that aspect… Read more »

Misc. Post 02 – Introducing Andy…

(The following blog is based on a real life story. No names have been changed to protect the innocent. Reader discretion is advised.) Hey kids! I’m Andy, one of the artists working here at Junkfish! Would you like some insight as to what I do here? Maybe you want to see my process for making… Read more »

Design Blog 02 – Like Alien, but at sea…

This blog builds upon this entry by Grant last week Commonly it is assumed that creative pieces come to their originator fully formed, completely unique and ready to be produced. Perhaps for some mystical scholars this is true but it has never been the case for Junkfish – or for myself. We begin with a… Read more »

Misc. Blog 01 – Once upon a FooFoo

Day 67 aboard the S.S Junkfish Rations: Low on water and chocolate biscuits Temperature: Freezing, hot water bottle losing heat Stephanie here! I’m one of the code monkeys aboard this gracious vessel. I am not being forced to write this blog. I love to write, honestly. (How many lights are there Steph? – Jaime) Today… Read more »

Art Blog 02 – A Little Bit of Animation

Hello everyone! I’m Judy the animator of the team and it’s my turn to write a blog post today. So like my job title suggests I’m currently working on lots of awesome animation work for our game. Unfortunately I can’t give any sneak peeks or hints at what I’m working on at the moment (it… Read more »

Programming Blog 01 – Intro to Proceduro

Greetings Junkfish followers. I am Peter, the procedural proprietor. I have a tendency to hide up the back of the workplace, and write code to make things appear in-game.   Maize is a procedurally generated game, which means the game environment is randomly set-up each time it is played, and the player shouldn’t experience the… Read more »

Art Blog 01 – Corridors and Rooms

Hey. Adam here! I am the creative director and lead artist of the Junkfish team. I’ve never really blogged much, apart from at uni, so bear with me. Maize takes place aboard a series of old, abandoned cargo ships built in the mid 70’s. They once transported expensive goods of all sorts across the Atlantic,… Read more »

Design Blog 01 – Maize Origin Story

Hi, I’m Grant, co-designer and gameplay programmer for the team. Here at Junkfish we are well into production of our first full game, currently known as Project Maize, and I’m going to talk a little about the game.  So what exactly is Maize? Maize is a survival horror game with a simple enough premise: You… Read more »

Setting Sail

Hello! Welcome to Team Junkfish’s website. We’re a games company based in Dundee, Scotland with a focus on PC development, and we’re working on “Project: Maize” (a working title for now), a 1st person, procedurally generated survival horror game. Think “Alien, on a boat” and you’ll get what we’re going for. Or “Jaws in space,… Read more »