Art Blog 02 – A Little Bit of Animation

Hello everyone!

I’m Judy the animator of the team and it’s my turn to write a blog post today. So like my job title suggests I’m currently working on lots of awesome animation work for our game. Unfortunately I can’t give any sneak peeks or hints at what I’m working on at the moment (it will ruin the surprise!) so instead I’ll write about a technique I used to help me animate the player model.

To understand the correct movement of humans, animals or moving objects it’s useful to look at a reference of how that thing moves. This can be references in the form of recorded video footage, a photograph sequence of movement or sometimes getting one of the other artists to move around for me. This can be helpful for understanding the correct movement needed.

For example: this is our lead artist Adam.

This is Adam posing for the player’s crouching pose movements. Simon is pretty happy about it but Andy seems unimpressed.

Here he goes through through a walk cycle (with motion blur…)

And this is him down on all fours for the crawl position.

And shimmying along a move cycle for that. (This time with collision detection…)

Another technique I use to animate is to draw out the sequence of how I want the character to move. This not only helps as a reference but it helps me to decide how the character will act when they preform this movement. (But I can’t show you that for reasons!)

Finally, one of the most important things I do to help me to improve my animation is to ask the other artist for a critique of my animation. This is very helpful as they point out errors and make suggestions to change the animation. These changes improve the animation and increases it’s quality to a higher standard.

Well everyone, thats all I can think of to write for now so I’ll get back to work.

Bye guys! – Judy