Art Blog 05 – The Poetic Process


Potaito time. Well now, what should today be about? Last time I revealed the prototype monsters and gave you my little insight into the Oculus Rift. Today? I don’t have any exciting products to review, nor do I have anything to reveal. Maybe I’ll have something for January. In the meantime we could go over the process for creating some art assets, I suppose! At beginners’ level, yes?


It’s OK, I know poetry.


You’ll learn faster with poetry.



A bit of Chopin whilst we’re… CHOPIN up some polys!


When making assets for the environment

Keep in mind this requirement

You will want to have some management

And save yourself some embarrassment


So in order to not be impaired

You must ensure you are prepared!

Plan ahead what you are doing

So people will know what they are viewing


Grab yourself a bunch of reference

Pictures and images of your preference

Draw for yourself some concept art

And make sure it comes from the heart

Open up your chosen modelling kit

Which one? Don’t worry about it!

Max? Maya? What about Blender?

You don’t have to be a big spender!


All of these programs are just tools!

There aren’t any overarching rules

They can all do pretty much the same

Just pick one and stop being lame!


New scene. Daunting? No. Be positive

We will start by blocking with a primitive

Soon enough it will feel like building with Lego blocks!

So chill and have yourself a whiskey on the rocks!

(No don’t do that you might be in university or at work and that would be quite bad)



More advanced levels have many more strings

Polycount, edgeflow – all these technical things

For a beginner, try to worry not

Take each step at a time, soon you’ll be shit hot!


Once you have your model its time to unwrap

Learning this at first might feel like a slap, TO THE FACE

But in reality this is not the case

It’s quite easy, just take it at your own pace



Once that’s done, have a little break

Why not go to the kitchen, cook up a steak

You know what would be good with that? Birthday cake.

Unless you’re on a diet. Then a healthy shake.


Why not go outside? Stretch your legs. Have a walk

Move about the place and have a talk

But if you’re employed then get BACK TO WORK


Your model is grey and could do with a texture

Almost done, get off the TV, stop watching Dexter

There are many ways to achieve the look you want to get

But starting with something like Photoshop is a good bet

Once you’re done you’ll have a finished asset!



What? It looks terrible? That’s because there is much to learn!

Pretty normal, no need to raise concern

Bury your pride and go look at a guide

It might look bad now, but at least you tried

It’s a learning process so take it in stride



OK, now you should be pretty much be a master at creating art assets. There might be a few knowledge gaps in there, just Google them and I’m sure you will find all you need.


When in doubt, if it all seems too much just remember these three easy steps:



Nothing to it!