Misc. Blog 08 – Christmas Time!

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas Everyone!

It’s Judy the animator at Junkfish, here again to blog about pointless things.

Today instead of rambling about animatory (I don’t care if thats not a real word) business like I usually do, I shall instead talk about Christmas festive crap as it’s the last day here at Junkfish before we all go off the for holidays! :D

In keeping with the theme of animation as well as Christmas, I’ve decided to give a list of animated Christmas films that I personally enjoy watching around this time of year.
Here they are in no particular order or ranking:

1, A Nightmare before Christmas.
This is a confusing film in the sense that it’s hard to decide if you should watch it at Halloween or at Christmas. Either way the animation, story and set designs are all done extremely well and puts you in the Christmas (and even Halloween) spirit.


It also made it into Just Dance… so GAMES!

2, Mickey’s Christmas Carol

Yep it’s a Disney animation, as well as an adaption of ‘A Christmas Carol’ a tale we’ve all seen a hundred times. But I like it, it’s a nice film that makes you feel good.


3, How the Grinch Stole Christmas
This is a classic film that’s still good today as it was years ago.


You can also have a singalong.

4, Arthur Christmas
This is a fairly newish film compared to the others. I like this film due to the disfunctional relationship between the members of the santa claus family. It’s entertaining and well done in the way the all develop as characters and as a family.


5, Rise of the Guardians
Another newish animated film that came out around last year. While not entirely Christmassy the animations are still gorgeous to look at.



Well there you go folks, those are a few of my favourite animated Christmas films.

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and a Happy New Year!

- Judy