Monthly Archives: December 2013

Art Blog 04 – Animation Rants

Hey Ho everyone It’s the Judy’s blog time again which means lots of ranting. So feel free now to close this tab on your browser. For starters it’s December which means CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Hooray for the festivities! We’re so festive right now here at Junkfish, we’re talking about the suicide rate during this time… Read more »

Programming Blog 03 – Proceduro the Magnifico

  Hello, hello, hello Junkfish minions! Peter has so kindly risen from the depths of generation, once again, to impart blissful knowledge upon yourselves. I believe I ended my last blog detailing that I would discuss some of the details relative to the procedural generation, and its associated tools, so I guess that shall be… Read more »

Art Blog 03 – Post processing

  Ahoy! Adam here. It’s December already? Just another little update on the art side of things. As the art team is busy working on some modelling and animation, I have been working on more environmental models. It’s not all that exciting showing you untextured models floating around in Maya so I’ll show you some cool image… Read more »

Design Blog 03 – Tabletop Maize

Hello again, Today I’m going to continue with the design stuff and talk about a pretty cool step in the design process. It’s a good idea before you start into the long period of building your game to try and find out if it’s actually any fun to play. But how can you find out… Read more »

Audio Blog 01 – Monster Roar Sound Design

Hi! Jaime here, and today I’m going to talk about the sound design process for lil’ Sparky’s roars, grunts and general vocal noises. If you’ve not seen him before, Sparky’s our test monster that’ll not be in the game. But we love him all the same. “Hey.” Sound design, especially for vocal work, requires a… Read more »