Monthly Archives: February 2014

Audio Blog 04 – Vanilla Radio

Ahoy! I’ve had to work on stuff related to our Greenlight campaign and official announcement happening in the past two weeks (clickyclickyplugplug), which sadly left me with little time for doing audio work, so this will be fairly short… We’ve spoken about the use of distractions in the game and I want to talk quickly… Read more »

Art Blog 09 – Below Deck…

Welcome to another art blog entry from the Arts. We had been working hard on the announcement trailer alongside the game the past couple of weeks. If you’ve not seen it, the link is here : The area shown in the trailer is the upper portion of the ship’s superstructure. This area holds the bridge,… Read more »

Announcing Monstrum – The Survival Horror Labyrinth

We at Team Junkfish are extremely excited to formally announce “Monstrum” (alias: “The Artist Formerly Known as Maize”) to you all. You can watch the reveal trailer here:   Don’t forget to like Team Junkfish and Monstrum on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter! If you’d like more information on the game or to contact us on… Read more »

Design Blog 05 – Monsters!

Hello again from the design team, We are now able to reveal another intended feature of Project Maize: different monster types! We aim to have three (for now at least) different types of enemy for the player to face. The problem with one monster is that once the player develops their own tactics for avoiding… Read more »

Programming Blog 07 – Lighting in a Randomly-Generated game

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been working on trying to solve problems relating to performance, occlusion and lighting. Our main challenge is that the game is randomly-generated, meaning we can’t directly use the fancy-pants pre-baked lighting or occlusion culling that our game engine supports. Instead, we have to use more performance-costly dynamic lighting, or… Read more »

Art Blog 08 – Riker to The Bridge

Hi everyone! The bridge¬†tile-set is well on its way to completion. Here are some current progress shots. Enjoy! We now have windows! Nothing outside as of yet though. Windows in the bunk rooms too as well as updated wooden panelling on the bunk¬†tile-set.   Cheers! – Adam and the Arts