Audio Blog 04 – Vanilla Radio


I’ve had to work on stuff related to our Greenlight campaign and official announcement happening in the past two weeks (clickyclickyplugplug), which sadly left me with little time for doing audio work, so this will be fairly short…

We’ve spoken about the use of distractions in the game and I want to talk quickly about one in particular: the radio. Instead of having the bog standard static and white noise coming from them I wanted to do something a little different, so we’re planning to have them play some bursts of music from what would basically be a “radio station” just to break up the white noise a little. If you’veĀ watched the trailer you might remember a bit of this, which has now been expanded upon:

I always forget that they tend to have a lot of build up…

I’ve been doing a bit of research into a few different genres that were floating around when the ship was built (perk of the job), so the plan is to get a few from maybe four or five select styles and run with it. With regards to the “radio” part I’m planning to remaster the tracks to make them all nasty and… like they’re coming from a radio. There’s also the issue of the distortion and signal dropping out, so it’s not going to be a clean passage from a song playing all nice and clear. This is a horror game after all.

So why is an abandoned ship able to pick up radio stations anyway? Well…


…and that’s why.