Monthly Archives: March 2014

Art Blog 11 – Cook, eat, clean.

So two of our lovely team members are away to GDC. Good luck to both of them. In the mean time, we are preparing our game for REZZED. I thought I’d share some screenshots of the kitchen, mess hall and bathroom currently in game. Here: A lovely kitchen for preparing tasty food. A cosy little¬†mess… Read more »

Programming Blog 08 – Do you want to build a ship, man?

Hello everyone! As previously mentioned, the ship in Monstrum is procedurally generated, meaning the layout will be different each time you start a new game.  Up until recently, the game would pause for a few seconds whilst the ship was generated – fine for development, but for release we need a loading screen that keeps the game responsive.  One… Read more »

Monstrum has been Greenlit!

Ahoy!   A quick news post, but we’re really happy to say that Monstrum has been voted through Steam Greenlight :D! We’re all really happy about this, and amazing at the support we’ve had for the game so far. We may do a little postmortem on the stats and that in the future :).  … Read more »

Art Blog 10 – A Breath of Fresh Air

Hey there folks, Hope you’ve all heard the news that we’ve been Greenlit. Again, thank you for all your help and support if you voted for us. We’ve been working on putting together the exterior¬†of the ship superstructure which is a nice change from the claustrophobic maze of rooms and corridors of the interior. Of… Read more »