Monthly Archives: May 2014

Design Blog 07 – It’s a trap!*

Hi, Grant here! Sorry for lack of design blogs recently but we’ve been busy working on some important mechanics for the game, which may or may not involve new and interesting monster behaviours. As we’ve said before monsters won’t be the only threats to the player aboard the ship, so in the meantime here’s a… Read more »

Programming Blog 09 – A Big, Brown Deck

Greetings, dear followers of the programming side of Junkfish. I have been tasked once again with providing you all with an update on the codey side of our developmental process; in particular, the procedural generation (I’m told that people enjoy that kind of thing, as far as coding nonsense goes). So it has been a… Read more »

Art Blog 13 – Ship expansion!

Hi Everyone! The art team has another big update for you all! Upper Deck We’ve been adding more variation into the upper deck rooms. Right now we have been testing the addition of different light sources in the rooms to give more variation to the colour in the environment. Below is an example of this… Read more »

Progress report: Alpha!

Ahoy! In case anyone’s been worried about us apparently dropping off the face of the earth, we’ve got some pretty good news: We’ve hit alpha! Or if you’re pretty traditional with the term: we have a playable early build. Alpha’s easier to say though. Simplifying it further, we’re now working to get the lower deck… Read more »