Monthly Archives: July 2014

Art Blog 17 – Lighting Re-Visited

Hey everyone! Time for another art blog. This week we are working on ship lighting! With the new fuse system in place players are now able to power on/off different parts of the ship, which includes the lighting. The player should find it difficult to navigate the unpowered sections without light but we do not… Read more »

Audio Blog 06 – Story in Games Pt.1: Speaking through Song

Ahoy! Today’s blog is based on an event that happened as part of Abertay’s Game Lab, loosely based on the topic of “story”, and how people from different disciplines tackled it in games. I was asked to provide an audio perspective, and given that I’m usually better at explaining things in written form than verbally… Read more »

Design Blog 09 – With Great Power…

Hey Grant here again, In my last blog I mentioned a concept that I refer to as ‘Responsibility’. Now I’d like to talk some more about it and how it is used in a couple of my favourite games. What do I mean by this? Basically the player should be able to trace back a… Read more »

Programming Blog 11 – Occlusion Culling: The Great Battle

Hi guys! Today I’d like to talk about the occlusion culling process used in Monstrum. As good as Unity is, we couldn’t use its culling support since it doesn’t support dynamic occlusion. Additionally, our light culling system was overhauled as well using a completely different system to the one we had before.   Geometry Occlusion… Read more »

News – Monstrum pushed back to January 2015

Hi everyone! We’ve got some pretty big news to announce that may disappoint a few of you: we have decided to officially push the release of Monstrum back by a few months to January 2015. This isn’t something that we’ve taken lightly, but truth be told we don’t think Monstrum will be at a level… Read more »

Misc. Blog 13 – Board? Games!

Ahoy! As we’ve spoken about in the past, a lot of us on the team really love playing board games. They offer some great insight into game design, and generally are pretty fun too. As such, I’ve stuck together a list for people who might be interested in getting some board games but don’t know… Read more »

Design Blog 08 – I choo choo choose you

Hi there. Grant here again, coming at you from our chamber of design, which is just a room that Jaime locks me in until I earn my freedom by producing blogs. Today I am going to talk about a core tenet of Monstrum that I feel I haven’t adequately mentioned when talking about the game…. Read more »