Monthly Archives: September 2014

Programming Blog 12 – The Journal

Hi guys! Today I thought I’d explain how the journal system in Monstrum is implemented. The journal is our equivalent of a quest/mission log in many other games, and has a few noteworthy features: It is diegetic, which means it exists in the game world itself, instead of, for example, being rendered on a 2D… Read more »

Art Blog 18 – Life in the Deep

Hey All. Once again, we’ve been working on some super cool stuff that we would rather keep secret for now. However, I thought I would share some interesting videos that may, or may not be related in some way or form. (Maybe even set the mood by watching the first 3 whilst listening to this… Read more »

Design Blog 10 – RTFM. On Procedural Tutorials

Hey, Grant here, making another ham-fisted attempt at arranging words to form coherent sentences. Procedural games are a tricky business. As I’ve mentioned before, when you aren’t in strict control of things like the level layout and scripted events it adds a whole host of design considerations. One of the most important of these is… Read more »