Art Blog 19 – Strange things are Afoot

Phew! We’ve been polishing up the game for EGX London and now that it’s over, it is time to update you all with another art blog!

We have been going back and polishing up many parts of the ship, making things look better where we rushed them, and adding in new transition parts to blend one area to the next.

Our old main stair-well went straight into the lower deck of the ship whilst retaining the upper deck theme. It was very immersion breaking when you’d walk straight from the crew living quarter themed hallways, straight to the rusty metal lower deck corridors so we’ve now gone back and added a proper lower deck stair well with an appropriate transition piece so that it blends the two sections together well.

Here are some screengrabs taken straight from Autodesk Maya…

I’ve also started thinking about how the exterior of the ship will fit all the sections together properly. Here are some mock-up shots of the exterior fit to a smaller size ship. This will most likely change a lot as there are still many considerations that I have not taken into account but it’s a start to what might happen outside.

I’ve also considered changing the corridors around the container holds to make it more open when I have the time. These corridors leave a clear view into the container room to help the player identify where they are in the ship, however it means that more needs to be rendered in an area where framerate is already to poorest.

This issue will most likely apply for the exterior as well.

Here are some other shots of some rooms and assets that have been polished up to look a lot better than before.

New bathroom theme with new asset textures,

Polished up engine room textures and human sized piping additions,

Strange wall growths….. wait. What?

Polished up…. door …..fra…..

…do you hear something in the vents?


Adam and the Arts