Monthly Archives: November 2014

Audio Blog 09: The Hunter’s Soundtrack

Ahoy! Today I’m going to talk about some music in Monstrum again, this time: the Hunter! As with the┬áBrute’s themes there is a fair amount of sound design stuff going on as opposed to traditional instrumentation, so I’ll go over that as well as the general ideas that I was aiming for. In case you’ve… Read more »

Design Blog 11: Insert Door Pun Here

Hi, Grant here again. As we get closer to our planned release date we’re all cracking down and getting as much done as possible. The design blog has been particularly quiet because we’ve been working on a bunch of improvements to the game such as new environment features, escape routes and items (some of which… Read more »

Programming Blog 14 – Door Destruction

Hi, Andrew here!  Just a quick post today. In Monstrum, doors can be knocked down by the monsters. We are currently improving how this looks, and nothing can demonstrate this better than an action shot: Implementing this effect is easy enough – each hit just activates a new collection of physics objects and disables the… Read more »

Art Blog 20 – Take these broken wings…..

  Helicopter Hey guys. Hope you’ve all been doing well and had a good Halloween/Bonfire night as well.So we’ve been working on our 3rd escape route. I’ve been rather excited about this one as the player must escape by air via helicopter.(You know how to fly a helicopter, right?) Originally, I had thought of modelling… Read more »