Programming Blog 15 – Entomophobia

Hello, Junkfish followers. Peter here, to present you another code-oriented blog.

In the run up to Christmas, we’re easing back a bit on the major tasks and mechanics, and looking at another (less interesting, but equally necessary) part of development:


Celebration times!

This involves us looking back over what we have created so far, and discovering any underlying issues or problems that have cropped up. So, we’ve had everyone in the company performing test sessions at the start of each week, dedicated to looking at various aspects of the game (currently the escape routes), and recording any bugs or problems that arise. We take videos and notes, and, after the session, they are documented in order of importance. For example, the life raft pushing the player through the ship would take priority over a texture at the incorrect resolution. These tests simultaneously allow the whole team to take part in the bug squash, and it gives everyone a chance to play the game in its current state (not everyone is able to on a daily basis – us coders are lucky).

Everybody gets to have fun!

So, having assembled the list of issues, we’ve been spending our weeks ironing out the creases and tightening everything mechanically, visually, aurally, and probably orally and nasally, too. At the end of the week, we run some more tests to certify that the bugs have been cleared. But, inevitably, more will probably pop-up and slap us in the face.

Pretend that Bob is Bean, and the rakes are bugs. Or, that I am the rakes.

Eventually, we’ll have all of our known issues cleared, and the game will be super tight. Until then, I must return to the programmatical world of error eradication.


Ta ta for now – P. xoxo