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Monstrum is a first person survival horror game which finds players stranded aboard a vast, derelict ship filled with traps, environmental hazards, and another passenger in the shape of a terrifying and deadly beast. With no means to take their pursuer down the player must search the ship to discover a possible means of escape,… Read more »

News – Monstrum Gameplay Trailer


Ahoy! A quick update ahead of Monstrum’s Early Access release, a new trailer! Made entirely from gameplay too! Enjoy:   Don’t forget, Monstrum launches on┬áSteam Early Access on the 29th of January! Cheers, Jaime

Art Blog 23 – Tour of the ship!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all looking forward to the upcoming early access release at the end of the month. In the time up to release, I thought I would do something a little different and make a video of some things we have been polishing up towards that time. Check out the video below! … Read more »