Art Blog 24 – Animation Updates

It’s our first blog post since release! Exciting!

Hope many of you have had a go in early access for yourself since then. :)

Anyway, we’re busy getting our first update ready so I thought I’d share some new animations that we are getting in. Currently, some of the older ones are getting polished up too so you should see some improvements next update.

Note : These are still early iterations and may be due to change later on.

Adjusted the running animation

Added a new death animation for when you are on fire…

Added a new animation for getting hit by steam…

…. and we improved some monster animations, making some of the movement look more natural.

Adam and the Arts

  • Jonathan R Bottcher

    Not bad! Shouldn’t the back left foot move an inch or two back at the end of the animation just before the monster roars?

    • Adam Dart

      Hi Jonathan. Thanks for the critique!
      The monster’s foot doesn’t move back at that point as we try to match it up with the other animations to make it look natural.
      These are all still WIPs so they may still change later on.