Monstrum Early Access Update – v.0.8.2 Patch Notes

Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve been enjoying Monstrum so far! (And if not, grab it here:

We’ve just launched a new patch on Steam to address some of the issues that were in the game, so hopefully it makes things better for a few of you. If you bought the game from Humble then you may have to wait a little longer on the update, but we’ll keep you in formed on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


Change Log v0.8.2


  • Improvements to monsters getting stuck in weird places
  • Fixed monster failing to hit player when close
  • Hunter spawning algorithm improved
  • Brute and hunter should spawn more evenly
  • Removed access to the bow of the ship, as it was causing monster issues. Will come back in future update


Improved RAM usage


  • Improved camera clipping with player’s body
  • Improvements to player getting stuck under beds
  • Fixed falling sound when going down stairs
  • Improved blood effects
  • Welder hand pose fixed when picking it up more than once


  • Steam vents should be less common
    Added death animation to steam vent, falling and fire
    Steam death immunity whilst turning the associated valve


  • Added loading progress indicator after the splash screen
    Fixed controls menu disappearing when leaving an unassigned key
    Prompt for throwing appears when trying to pick up an item when inventory is full
    Prompt for standing up should appear when thrown out of a locker
    Changed main menu fading behaviour


  • Seismos

    Be advised that the current version on Humble is not working at the moment. Anyone getting a black screen/crashes on startup will have to wait until a new build is uploaded.

  • Aaron

    Hi Team Junkfish! I’m having a problem with Monstrum. When I downloaded it on steam, I can’t look around. I can walk, but I can’t move my cursor to see where i’m going. Help ):