Misc. Blog 15 – We went to EGX Rezzed again!


So as you may have noticed, we were showing off Monstrum at EGX Rezzed at the weekend! It was pretty packed, and the chair was always full, so if you dropped by then thanks very much! The reception and feedback from everyone was great, and we’re glad people took to the Oculus build so willingly (you silly, brave people you). We also launched on Green Man Gaming at the weekend too, so if you haven’t bought Monstrum yet then there’s another opperchancity to go grab it!

Any way, when we weren’t manning the booth we managed to dive away and check out some of the 100+ games on display, so here’s a few that I liked to look of. Steph would have a few here too, but she took a wrong turn out of London and is currently somewhere in Japan…

Superglad – Coatsink

We knew our friends from Coatsink were going to be there, so I had to go see how Superglad has come along since I last saw it (answer: awesomely). Think a cartoony, Bee and Puppycat art style layered over a really nice adventure game and you’re in the right boat.

Mutiny – Hidden Armada

Speaking about friends and boats, Hidden Armada commandeered a space in the BAFTA room with Mutiny. They were pretty much jam packed everytime I went to see them which was great to see. Plus they have Piggu jousting too!

Unbox – Prospect Games

Our neighbours this time were Prospect Games, with their multiplayer racing/platforming/delivery service game Unbox. Given that they’d only been working on it for two months the amount of polish (and more importantly, fun) in it is super impressive. So keep an eye out!

Friendship Club – Force of Habit

One of the big things I’ve seen happening recently is the rise in “local multiplayer arena shootouts with limited ammo” games. The genre needs a bit of a tidy up but the games are pretty fun. Friendship Club is very slick, and the bright and bouncy artstyle really helps. The music is pretty sweet too!

DiscStorm – XMPTGames/Mastertronic

Another LMASWLA game, this time involving frisbees! Well, discs, but still. As with Friendship Club DiscStorm is a nice little package, and the different game modes and arena types change the pace up everytime. Methinks its coming to Vita soon too, so keep your eyes peeled!

Titan Souls – Acid Nerve/Devolver

Like Shadow of The Colossus had a pixel baby. Which is a bit of a disservice to Titan Souls in spite of the obvious influences. It’s very much a life and death game that doesn’t mess around in letting you know that you’ll die (much like its potential namesakes in the Souls series). Very nicely put together.

Rok – Stitch Games

Quick shout out to Stitch Games too, who were there with their puzzle game Rok. Always good to see other Abertay folk at shows :D!

Steamworld Heist – Image&Form

I love the Steamworld games (Dig is something I own about five times over) so was really cool to see their new game just across from us! Taking on a more character based tactics approach which using that lovely artstyle they have makes me really happy. Can’t wait to get my hands on the full version!


There were also a fair number of VR games on display too! Coatsink had Esper with them, which drops you in a parallel universe where people have psychic powers, while Phi and Jey, two of the guys behind TinyKeep, are helping out on Sublevel Zero which looks like it’ll make great use of VR by giving you so much freedom to move around.

On the moving around point, Ragnarok is another interesting twist on how VR games are played by simply asking players to stand up to play it. It seems simple, but really changes how people interact with VR games. Radial-G drops you in a cockpit and lets you live out your wildest Wipeout/F-Zero dreams straight from the front line too.

Crystal Rift is a nice take on a more traditional 1st person dungeon crawler, and it has a really well designed map editor that works super well in VR. Really gives you that I AM GOD feeling! On the completely other end of the scale are Deep, a meditative VR game complete with breathing harness, and Taphobos, which dumps you in a coffin. An actual coffin.

From RPS: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2015/03/11/hahaha-no-oculus-buried-alive-simulator-taphobos/

Leftfield Collection!

Those last two were part of the Leftfield Collection, which is typically full of the weird and wonderful. Case in point the excellent Cadence, which is part puzzle game, part synth, part sequencer. So yeah, it spoke to me. Was great to see Okhlos there after following its devblog over on TIGSource for so long, and for lovers of all things Ace and legal there was Aviary Attorney, which has you as the great bird detective we deserve.

Also there was Her Story, which has you trying to solve a crime by going through a police database full of live action videos. It’s an interesting twist on the FMV games of old, plus it’s the brainchild of Sam Barlow who put together Silent Hill: Shattered Memories which means its definitely worth looking into.

There was also Line Wobbler. Line Wobbler is better to show than tell, so:

Line Wobbler is fun.


There was also a Beefjack event on around Rezzed too. Monster Medic, a co-op twin-stick game was there (and at the Leftfield too!) which is was pretty sweet. Porcunipine is another twist on the *really long arena genre*, which bring us to a total of three games in the same space but all doing some pretty different and interesting things. Finally there was Tiki Taka Soccer. I’m not much of a football person, but it played more like a strategy game than FIFA which made it way more interesting for me. It had some managerial aspects to it too, so it’s not a straight up tap in the right place game. It’s due out soonish on mobile and tablets and from what I played could be a major time sink!

So good times all round! Steph managed to dive off and play Bloodborne and Volume, which I never got round to (sad face), but she can add her own thoughts on Rezzed!


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    Thanks for mentioning SteamWorld Heist! You guys rule and I look forward to playing Monstrum soon :D