Monstrum Early Access Update – v0.9.3 Patch Notes

Ahoy folks!

Here’s the latest update to Monstrum, which should be live now :). As always, let us know what you think!

You can grab Monstrum on Steam here:


Change Log 0.9.3

New Features

Unity Launcher removed; graphics options are now available within the game and are individually customizable
New menus
Victory scenes!
Dedicated credits scene
New Loading screens


Animations for when a monster pulls the player out of a hiding spot are overhauled
Liferaft animations improved
Corridors have some new variants
New Fire Extinguisher model
Junkfish splash screen has audio now, yay!
Moved certain tables/counters to reduce clipping
Improved torch aiming/flare gun aiming to reduce unnatural hand movements
Some updated cargo hold assets
New menu font
New audio assets added in
Improved chasing after being throw out of hiding spot
Improved chasing after Hunter jumps out of trap
Fire performance improvement
Death animation improvements
Reduced possibility of falling through the environment when closing doors


Reduced the refuelling time for the helicopter
Changed some of the lighting
Changed the visual style of the lower deck
Changed the chasing persistence of the monsters
Changed some of the door opening/closing/locking/unlocking sounds
Stairwell materials updated
Removed the walkie-talkies item (for now)


Issue in which the hand would randomly flip around when interacting with the environment
Fixed an issue which caused the pit trap player falling animation to look unnatural
Fixed an audio sync issue with death from falling
Fixed an audio sync issue with a welder animation
Fixed a bug where the journal wouldn’t update if you inserted the spool chain before inspecting the liferaft
Fixed a bug where the flare gun wouldn’t register hits
Fixed a bug that caused the chair to turn in to a magic carpet when the player stands on it
Ensured fire kills the player
Fixed a performance drop after inserting the battery in to the sub
Fixed/improved issue where crouching whilst interacting with the environment caused various problems
Fixed an issue where monsters would get confused after destroying certain objects
Fixed an issue with the Hunter not spawning in the lower decks correctly

  • SmokeSHell

    Awsome update! I really like the new design of the lower decks.

    I was also was wondering if there is a new monster comming soon. So me and my friends would sh*t our pants again haha xD.

    Maybe an idea for a new monster?
    An old diving suit is creepy as hell ^_^