New Crew Member: Graham!

Our last post was a bit sad, but this one is MORE HAPPY!

Please welcome our latest crew member: Graham Hill!


Here’s what he says for himself:

“I graduated from Abertay with a BA Honours in Game Design and Production Management. I specialised in level design from third year onwards focusing most of my time into learning very specific and outdated engines that no one uses any more instead of focusing on my studies. Since my graduation I’ve worked in various companies across Scotland, with the last project being Space Budgie’s Glitchspace, which I was the level designer on. When not working on games an evening with me consists of curry, wine and a couple of spreadsheets… bliss.”

We’ve recruited him for [SECRET PROJECT] in a similar role. He’s also really keen on bumping up his Twitter followers so annoy him/say hi here: @GH_Esquire

Hi Graham!