Announcing – Attack of the Earthlings!

Repel the Human Invasion – Team Junkfish Announces Alien Turn-Based Strategy Game “Attack of the Earthlings”

It’s Meat Jim, But Not as We Know it, Turn Human Flesh into Alien Muscle in Team Junkfish’s Dark Comic Strategy Game

Dundee, Scotland – Wednesday, May 31, 2017 – Scottish independent developer Junkfish today announced that its science-fiction turn based strategy release – Attack of the Earthlings, will launch on Steam for PC in late summer 2017. In Attack of the Earthlings, human invaders have travelled light years to Planet X13 and parked a gigantic space-drill to mine for fossil fuel reserves, sip the odd margarita in the sun and hunt big bugs. Combining turn-based combat and stealth in a dark comedic single player campaign, take control of the “Swarmers”, a highly aggressive insectoid species, who must convert human flesh into alien muscle, evolve their units and even find the time to gatecrash a birthday party as they put a stop to the Earthlings’ interplanetary assault.

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What’s Team Junkfish playing these days then? (Sep ’16 edition)


So we’ve been pretty busy with a load of things these days, and not just in work. Steph’s been fueling her Great British Bake Off addiction, Jaime was away touring for a bit and Bean is still planning to tear a hole in the fabric of reality.

But somehow we’ve still managed to find time to play a few things! We totally missed posting our GOTY for 2015 (oops, but it was probably split between Splatoon, Destiny or Fallout 4) and it’s a bit early for 2016’s, so we decided a little “what are we playing just now” post was in order. Because sometimes it’s not the year’s new releases that gives you an insight into people, it’s what they go back to.

Everyone was given 100 words (and some took some more) to write down what they’ve been playing along with the type of pithy comments you can only get with a limited word count. You can read them after the jump!

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Monstrum secures Video Games Tax Relief

We’re happy to announce that, with the help of our friends over at Henderson Loggie, we have been successful in both passing the required Cultural Test and securing Video Games Tax Relief for Monstrum.

The whole thing has taken us a few months, but we would like to say thanks to them for helping us through the process!


Monstrum Update V.1.4 – Birthday Update!


It’s been a while since our last update, but this weekend we’re celebrating Monstrum’s 1st proper birthday! We have a couple of things in store that we hinted about in the forums yesterday.

Firstly, we’re holding a special birthday sale from Friday the 20th of May to Monday the 23rd of May! This weekend you’ll be able to grab Monstrum, it’s soundtrack, or the newly added bundle option for 75% off! If you’ve been waiting to pull the trigger, or have friends that have been wanting to jump in then this weekend is the time!

Secondly, we’re pushing out a new patch for Monstrum. While the game hasn’t been our main focus at Junkfish Towers we decided to update Monstrum’s Engine from Unity 4 to Unity 5! This update brings with it a host of new fixes, including some overdue performance improvements that a lot of you have been waiting on. You can find a full changelog at the bottom, and it should be out later today!

Thirdly, Monstrum is now compatible with the Oculus CV1 headset! The upgrade to Unity 5 has allowed us to upgrade to the latest Oculus runtime, bringing the new features and improvements they have provided. If you own a DK1 or DK2 then don’t fret! We still have support for you folks too, and you should see some improvements too!

As a quick heads up, engine changes may result in some new issues that we may not have found during our own testing, so if anything does happen please let us know in our pinned Bug Thread.

Finally, we want to thank all of you: the players, the streamers, the news hounds, the people who dropped by our booths at various shows, the other developers we’ve met, the people who put together an unofficial wiki, that person that stuck Monstrum on TVTropes, and everyone else from across the globe for your support and appreciation over the past year (and a bit).  The response to Monstrum has been amazing so far, and we’d love it if you would help spread the word about the game even further this weekend.

We look forward to showing you what we’ve been up to in the coming months!

Team Junkfish

Changelog – V.1.4


– Engine updated to Unity 5
– Support for Oculus Rift CV1


– Improved Oculus support
– Improved average framerate
– Reduced load times
– Improved controller support
– Flare gun flare effect modified
– Helipad lights now look more illuminated
– Helicopter chains feel more chain-y
– Removed all light halos
– Improved audio occlusion for various items and sound effects
– Helicopter door and fuel lever now have sound effects
– Improved the helicopter fuel pipe and crane chain physics
– Items can no longer be picked up while performing a variety of animations, such as climbing

Bug fixes

– Fixed floating helicopter trolley
– Fixed flashing of next item when switching items
– Adjusted synchronisation of monster and player animations for deck crate kills
– Cinematic music will make use of the audio setting values before playing
– Fixed issues regarding the Hunter spawning from vents
– Using the Fuse will no longer delete certain items
– Fixed a gap between the external shell door and the adjacent walls
– Engine room now uses correct door model along all walls
– Fixed an issue where a metal barricade door would be used in the Upper Deck
– Fixed an issue with monsters breaking the wrong phone in the engine room

Steph joins the BIMA 100!

Steph has been recognised by the British Interactive Media Association as one of this year’s 100 influential people in the digital industries!

As part of the Dev and Makers group, her work with the Oculus Rift and VR for Monstrum, in addition to her experience in AR through Dare To Be Digital, has landed her on this prestigious list! She’ll be meeting with all the other winners on the 10th of May at their awards ceremony.

You can read the entire list here!

Congrats Steph!

New Crew Member: Graham!

Our last post was a bit sad, but this one is MORE HAPPY!

Please welcome our latest crew member: Graham Hill!


Here’s what he says for himself:

“I graduated from Abertay with a BA Honours in Game Design and Production Management. I specialised in level design from third year onwards focusing most of my time into learning very specific and outdated engines that no one uses any more instead of focusing on my studies. Since my graduation I’ve worked in various companies across Scotland, with the last project being Space Budgie’s Glitchspace, which I was the level designer on. When not working on games an evening with me consists of curry, wine and a couple of spreadsheets… bliss.”

We’ve recruited him for [SECRET PROJECT] in a similar role. He’s also really keen on bumping up his Twitter followers so annoy him/say hi here: @GH_Esquire

Hi Graham!

Farewell Mr. Chips

We have some sad news.

Our resident potato, forced giraffe appreciator, and all round great art man Andy Tait has decided to head landward and depart the good ship Junkfish for new adventures. We will miss his lovable face.

Andy helped establish the tone in Monstrum with his environmental and texture work, and it’s safe to say the game wouldn’t have been the same without him. He was also key in getting our current project off the ground. But that’s still a [SECRET] for now.

And with that: so long Tait, and thanks for all the fish.

Monstrum v.1.3 – Oculus, Halloween and more!


Given that it is the season for all things spooky, we have another Monstrum update for you!

We’ve made the Oculus build of Monstrum public, so if you have an Oculus Rift and want to jump in feel free! If you’re planning you check out the Oculus builds be sure to read Changelog v.1.2 and v.1.2.1 for some troubleshooting and recommended specs!

If you haven’t grabbed Monstrum you can do so here:

We’ve also added in some new story content and Halloween surprise too! Be sure to check the change log after the jump!
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Monstrum Oculus Rift Build now live (sorta)!


A big update that’s been a long time coming. The Oculus Rift version of Monstrum is now available on Steam!

BruteRift03…sorta. We’re still ironing out a few issues, but we’ve got the VR experience to a state where we’re happy for people to try it out and give us feedback on what we need to patch up. As such this update is, for now, an opt-in beta.

There are a number of performance related suggestions and troubleshooting links at the bottom of this announcement that we strongly advise you read.

Similarly, we strongly recommend that you meet Oculus’ own specifications for an optimal experience, which can be found here:

You can read all of the details after the jump!

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