Monstrum nominated for Scottish BAFTA!

We’re super happy to announce that Monstrum has been nominated for Best Game at the Scottish BAFTAs!

Also in the running are Blazing Griffin with Distant Star: Revenant Fleet and Tymon Zgainski with Rituals.

You can check out the entire list of awards and nominees here.

The awards ceremony will be held in Glasgow in November, and if we win we’ll let you know!


Team Junkfish turns two! Grab the Monstrum OST for free!


It’s a happy moment for us at Junkfish Towers as we officially* turn two years old!

Naturally, we celebrate with cats and cake!

Anyway, we want to thank everyone who’s played Monstrum or helped us out along the way in some manner, so we’ve decided to make the soundtrack a PAY WHAT YOU WANT download until 5pm GMT on the 18th of September. That includes for free too!**

You can grab it here:

Thanks a lot, and here’s to the next two years (and hopefully more!)

Jaime and the Junkfish


*I say officially, we’ve been working together for 4 years!
**Bandcamp has a limit on free downloads :(. So be quick!

News: Upcoming events! The Monstrum VR Tour Rides On!


Just a quick recap of what we’re up to and what we’ll be doing in the upcoming weeks!


MonstrumGameTitleMost obvious and first up: Monstrum! We’re currently fine tuning the Mac and Linux builds with an update that should go live on Steam today (yay!). We’re also still sorting out the Oculus Rift build as we know a few people have been asking for it, we don’t have an exact date for it quite yet, but we’ll obviously let you know as soon as we do! And on that note…


We’ve got two additional stops on Monstrum’s VR tour for those of you who can’t wait to play it at home!

First up is at Rushdown Edinburgh’s Armagedinburgh event this Saturday (that’s the 25th!). It’s in Edinburgh if you couldn’t tell. We’ll be in the indie section with Rope Rumble, Girodisc Superleague and Advance, while the likes of Nidhogg, Gang Beasts, Mario Kart 8 and more will be there for some pick up an play joy! They’re also running Ultra Street Fighter 4, Mortal Kombat X and Smash Bros U competitions too should you want to test your skills on the big stage!

After that we’re back home in Dundee for Dare Protoplay on the 15th and 16th of August. We’ve got a bit of history with Dare to Be Digital, with half the team taking part in the competition in 2013 and Team Junkfish on the whole exhibiting for the past three years, so it’ll be great to be back there once again with local devs like Insert Imagination, Bounder Games, The Man Who Flew Away, Thermodynamic Games and more, and that’s not even including all of the teams taking part in the competition! So do drop by!

And leading into Protoplay is the Edinburgh Games Symposium: Protoplay Edition, a special outing for the EGS which is actually in Dundee! Taking place over the 12th and 13th of August it features lots of game dev (and especially game audio) panels, talks and workshops, with The Mantra Collective and Chipzel performing some live sets on the Thursday night! Steph and I will be there talking about Monstrum’s VR implementation and audio as well as sitting on some panels too, so if you want to know some of our super secret sekrits then be sure to grab a ticket!

Finally, a quick shoutout to Glesgames, who are hosting their fourth fortmonthly (there’s a mouthful) games night on the 28th of August! They’ll be running competitions as well as hosting loads of multiplayer games, so if you’re in Glasgow for then do drop by! We were there with Monstrum at their last event and it was fantastic!


Monstrum now available for Mac and Linux!


We’re happy to announce that the Mac and Linux versions of Monstrum are now available! We’ve also added the OST to Steam for download too.

And for those waiting: we’re hoping to have more news about the Oculus Rift version very soon!

As always, you can grab the game here:

Here’s a list of further changes that we’ve added.


Change Log 1.0.1


  • - Mac and Linux versions available
    – Field of view slider


  • - Improved monster wander states. The monsters should move further away from the player after an encounter
    – Improved monsters going around corners
    – Doors should behave more intuitively with respect to how they handle the player moving in and out of them
    – Brute footsteps
    – Improved issue where monsters could get stuck in steam by the helicopter

Bug Fixes

  • - Fixed misc menu issues
    – Hunter goop should disappear correctly
    – Player should no longer be able to run out of a hiding spot when being pulled out
    – Hunter should no longer walk constantly in to a hiding spot
    – Monsters should not get stuck at distractions
    – Fixed issue with monster not pulling player out of hiding spots
    – Added collision boxes to certain areas to prevent player climbing where they shouldn’t
    – Fixed issue where the player could get back in to the starting area

Known issues

  • - Controller analogue sticks can sometimes not work in the Mac version
    – Field of view slider can reset intermittently if changed in game
    – Locker doors can occasionally get the player temporarily caught between the door and the locker body

Audio Blog 12: Game Audio and the 50% fallacy


Before we begin: the Monstrum soundtrack is now up for grabs on Bandcamp! So go give it a spin :D!

Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. There’s been a phrase relating game audio that’s been bugging me for a while now, even though I used to say it myself, and I think it needs to be addressed as its popularity increases. This might ruffle some feathers but:

Game audio is NOT 50% of the experience.

Read more

Monstrum is now available!

Well, this is it. Monstrum v.1.0 is now available! No more Early Access, you now have the whole game to die in! We’re still planning some further optimisations as well as the Mac, Linux and Oculus builds too.

We want to take this moment to say thanks to all the people who’s supported us this far, the friends, family, Early Access backers, press, let’s players, streamers, testers, people at expos, people who’ve given us advice and devs local and not so local who we’ve met on our adventures on the high seas (sorry) of developing Monstrum! We’ve probably missed someone out, but without you lot we’d not have gotten to this point, so thank you very much!

And to those of you joining us now, good luck.

Here’s to game number 2!

And now: the patch notes too.

Change Log v1.0



  • Optimized item glow
  • Optimized the kitchen
  • Optimized some room collision meshes
  • Improved clipping with certain objects
  • Improved a few player animations
  • Updated Fiend music


  • Altered helicopter steam pipes to reduce predictability with the monster
  • Changed journal font
  • Reverted chain spool model since the new one sometimes reduced performance
  • Player needs to be more accurate with the flare gun to hit monsters
  • Altered the trolley so that it is easier to position next to the helicopter
  • Added a small platform at the bottom of the stairs to prevent an exploit
  • Changed the player’s clothes

Bug Fixes

  • Addressed crash issue during loading
  • Fixed odd behaviour with Hunter at the submarine
  • Improved issue where pathfinding would sometimes decide to leave the ship
  • Fixed an issue where the “exit game” button wouldn’t work
  • Fixed lag spike when lowering the submarine

Known issues

  • Changing the resolution and/or texture resolution can sometimes make the player’s item transparent
  • SSAO can sometimes reduce FPS more than expected
  • Items in the hand move unexpectedly when paused
  • Some items will bounce unrealistically

News – Monstrum Release Date!


So it’s finally happening. Monstrum is leaving Early Access for the open seas of full release. And it’s happening on the 20th of May. That’s next week!

We want to say thanks to everyone who has supported us so far by buying the game, sharing lets plays of their runs and terror, all the random fan art that we’ve seen pop up. Everything really! It’s made making Monstrum worthwhile knowing that people across the world have been enjoying and been terrified by it! You should probably definitely check out the new patch when it goes live later tonight too.

And if you haven’t bought the game yet then hurry up! Our Early Access discount will be finishing on the 20th too, going from £9.99/$14.99/€12.50, to £11.99/$17.99/€14.99. So here’s a link to Steam to make the decisions easier for you.

We’ll have Mac, Linux and Oculus support landing in a few weeks for those of you waiting on that too!


Monstrum Early Access Patch Notes – v0.9.5


Once again we’ve got an update for you all, so be sure to keep an eye out for when it goes live!

As always, if you’ve not bought the game then you can grab it here:

And here’s the details for the changes:

Monstrum 0.9.5 Change Log

New Features

  • Our engineers are currently carrying out some new experimental work within the ship. Please ignore any excessive flickering lights, electrical hums, odd noises and impending sense of doom that may occur while on board.


  • New decorative wall content
  • Decorated the helicopter containers
  • Updated start rooms with better prompts and layout
  • Improved drag out animations
  • Adjusted some item positions to look better in the hand
  • Updated glowstick
  • Improved fuel hose interaction
  • Added steam pipe system by the helicopter
  • Updated steam pipe models


  • Removed fuel cans from inside the cargo containers by the helicopter
  • Reduced the number of cargo containers by the helicopter
  • Removed access to the raised walkways by the helicopter

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where jumping would not play a landing sound
  • Fixed a memory leak associated with the security cameras
  • Fixed a memory leak associated with light bulbs
  • Optimized certain bits of the code base
  • Reduced lag spike when monsters spawn
  • Fixed font-loading lag spike when opening the graphics menu
  • Hotfixed an issue where grabbing the trolley would disable certain post-processing effects
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes the wrong animation was played from a fall death

Monstrum Early Access Update – v0.9.3 Patch Notes

Ahoy folks!

Here’s the latest update to Monstrum, which should be live now :). As always, let us know what you think!

You can grab Monstrum on Steam here:


Change Log 0.9.3

New Features

Unity Launcher removed; graphics options are now available within the game and are individually customizable
New menus
Victory scenes!
Dedicated credits scene
New Loading screens


Animations for when a monster pulls the player out of a hiding spot are overhauled
Liferaft animations improved
Corridors have some new variants
New Fire Extinguisher model
Junkfish splash screen has audio now, yay!
Moved certain tables/counters to reduce clipping
Improved torch aiming/flare gun aiming to reduce unnatural hand movements
Some updated cargo hold assets
New menu font
New audio assets added in
Improved chasing after being throw out of hiding spot
Improved chasing after Hunter jumps out of trap
Fire performance improvement
Death animation improvements
Reduced possibility of falling through the environment when closing doors


Reduced the refuelling time for the helicopter
Changed some of the lighting
Changed the visual style of the lower deck
Changed the chasing persistence of the monsters
Changed some of the door opening/closing/locking/unlocking sounds
Stairwell materials updated
Removed the walkie-talkies item (for now)


Issue in which the hand would randomly flip around when interacting with the environment
Fixed an issue which caused the pit trap player falling animation to look unnatural
Fixed an audio sync issue with death from falling
Fixed an audio sync issue with a welder animation
Fixed a bug where the journal wouldn’t update if you inserted the spool chain before inspecting the liferaft
Fixed a bug where the flare gun wouldn’t register hits
Fixed a bug that caused the chair to turn in to a magic carpet when the player stands on it
Ensured fire kills the player
Fixed a performance drop after inserting the battery in to the sub
Fixed/improved issue where crouching whilst interacting with the environment caused various problems
Fixed an issue where monsters would get confused after destroying certain objects
Fixed an issue with the Hunter not spawning in the lower decks correctly