Monstrum Early Access Update – v0.9.2 Patch Notes


A little later than usual, but here’s the patch notes for the current build of Monstrum. We also pushed out a hotfix for people using 32-bit systems last week, so you can now play the game using the “Fast” settings if you’ve had issues running Monstrum.

And if you haven’t bought the game yet then grab it here:


Change Log 0.9.2

New features

New notes to find!


Security cameras are a little harder to hide under
Brute moves faster


Player prevented from getting behind the start room boxes
Player can no longer climb in to the boxes in the cargo hold
Fixed an issue where turning off the steam vents via the master control would sometimes leave steam triggers active, causing random deaths in the cargo hold
Brute destroys the outside cargo container doors properly
Fixed a physics error caused by putting items in the helicopter
Fixed a performance hit caused by moving the crane
Menu rendering issues
Menu fade-in fixed
Pressing escape in the game over menu no longer breaks the game

Many audio-related issues such as:
Ambient wave sounds playing at the right times
Door audio source improvements
Setting audio priorities to ensure more important sounds are played
Hunter music/SFX playing in at the wrong time
Welder double-sound issue fixed
Double-roars from the monsters should be less common
Brute roar location fixed
Camera movement audio is synced with its movement properly


Performance should be improved in general due to a new occlusion method, better internal level representation and pathfinding optimizations
Monster animations should be less jittery
Optimized colliders for many game assets
Door-player movement code changed to reduce player getting stuck in the environment
Monster AI improvements
Altered monster audio source ranges

Art Blog 25 – Hard Surface Modelling Techniques [Part 1]

Hey All,

So I am going to discuss my hard-surface modelling workflow in Autodesk Maya. Hopefully, this should give you insights into how I do some hard-surface assets and possibly help any other 3D artists out there. In the future, I may provide more in-depth tutorials and the quality of the tutorials should improve as well so forgive me if I start out a bit rusty here… ;). This post is intended for artists who already have a basic knowledge of the game art pipeline and 3D modelling in Maya, where this workflow can be added on top of your pipeline.


So what is a hard-surface object?

Well, hard-surface objects are pretty self-explanatory. They are non-flexible, solid, often man made models such as cars, weapons, computers etc. We have used this workflow for some of the environmental assets and items in our game “Monstrum”; the walkie-talkie and welder for example.

A hard-surface modelling workflow aims to achieve precision and detail through smooth deforms which is why it is great for man-made machined objects. This is in stark contrast to organic modelling where shapes are very random and loose, where we would instead use a sculpting program such as Mudbox or Zbrush for creating the high poly detail rather than doing most of it in Maya.

In this post, I will only demonstrate how hard-surface models can be created in Maya as well as some helpful tips and tricks I use, but not how to get them to a point where they can be imported into an engine such as Unity or Unreal. I may make another post in the future detailing the steps after this which include low poly modelling, mapping and baking.

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Misc. Blog 15 – We went to EGX Rezzed again!


So as you may have noticed, we were showing off Monstrum at EGX Rezzed at the weekend! It was pretty packed, and the chair was always full, so if you dropped by then thanks very much! The reception and feedback from everyone was great, and we’re glad people took to the Oculus build so willingly (you silly, brave people you). We also launched on Green Man Gaming at the weekend too, so if you haven’t bought Monstrum yet then there’s another opperchancity to go grab it!

Any way, when we weren’t manning the booth we managed to dive away and check out some of the 100+ games on display, so here’s a few that I liked to look of. Steph would have a few here too, but she took a wrong turn out of London and is currently somewhere in Japan…
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Monstrum Early Access Update – v.0.9.0 The Engine Room

[This update will go live a 7pm GMT]

The Engine Room update is finally here!

Do you enjoy hiding in large, rusty machinery in your spare time? Yes? Well, this update if for you” (Along with the your other guest on the ship) This section comes complete with some new features, rooms and more!

Check it out!

Change Log 0.9.0

New Features

New Engine room section including
-New Hiding spots
-New Engine workshop rooms
-New Engine room art, audio & lighting additions.

Phone System
*Secret feature*


Monster “floating” reduced.
Introduced failsafe for monster climbing.
Increased Brute chase speed.
Journal text delivery improved
New Journal Entry
Audio sound-effect priorities adjusted to improve clarity of sound-effect during busy scenes.

Barred interaction when transitioning from crouch to stand, preventing animimations from breaking.
Fixed an issue where the game could keep spawning the same monster each time.
Fixed an issue where a specific (but frequently used) sound was causing high CPU usage.
Fixed a case in which a non-lethal steam vent blast could result in death.
The submarine room bay doors should appear properly now.
Prevented the fuse box objective triggering from the other side of a wall.
Pressing escape in the game over screen no longer breaks the main menu.
Hunter finishes roar after jumping out before it can attack the player.
Ensured key items would not only spawn in locked rooms.

Updated map textures to reflect new engine room addition.

Monstrum Early Access Update – v0.8.3 Patch Notes


We’ve just launched a new update to Monstrum, so here is the changelog for you all.


Change Log 0.8.3


  • If the player runs in to steam when it is already on, it will knock back and damage the player instead of killing them. Direct blasts will still be lethal.
  • The random start rooms should be picked more evenly
  • Adjusted the spawn locations of certain items to prevent a complete set of escape items spawning too close together
  • The player can’t start the helicopter refuelling process until the helicopter is unlocked
  • Fixed a bug with the fire extinguisher spray when the journal is out
  • Fixed a bug where interacting with certain objects multiple times in quick succession caused issues


  • Death screen images removed
  • Fixed some menu transitions/fading
  • Journal prompts updated
  • Journal objectives ordering updated
  • Reduced performance hit when the journal is active


  • Gamma should affect the player


  • Fixed an issue where the monsters could get stuck by the support beams at the sides of the ship
  • Fixed an issue where the monsters could get stuck in the sub room doors


  • Updated animations for going under the bed
  • Various model and sound effect updates



Audio Blog 11 – Cake Mix


This’ll be a quick blog on one of the more technical audio aspects of Monstrum: the audio mixing system. For audio guys this might be fairly basic stuff but it’ll give you a look at how we’re managing some of our audio systems. There isn’t exactly much of an understanding of game audio and its processes to those outside of the audio sphere, so hopefully it’ll be useful in opening up the black box of audio voodoo to people who aren’t too familiar with what we actually get up to.

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Monstrum Early Access Update – v.0.8.2 Patch Notes

Hi everyone!

Hope you’ve been enjoying Monstrum so far! (And if not, grab it here:

We’ve just launched a new patch on Steam to address some of the issues that were in the game, so hopefully it makes things better for a few of you. If you bought the game from Humble then you may have to wait a little longer on the update, but we’ll keep you in formed on our Facebook and Twitter pages!


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Programming Blog 16 – Bug fixes

Hello all!

Whilst the programmers at Junkfish have very much enjoyed watching videos of people trying to complete Monstrum this last week and laughing maniacally as they get ripped to pieces, we have also be identifying issues that have come up and fixing them. We have an update in the works that should help address various problems people have had, including monster bugs, graphical/animation issues and UI errors. The game should also use a bit less RAM.

In addition, we have started work on Oculus DK2 implementation! As it stands, we can look around in the game with the Oculus, although it will still take quite a bit of work to fix all the issues it has thrown up. The new region of the ship is also in development, though that’s still under wraps for now.


If you haven’t checked out Monstrum yet, grab it here!



Monstrum is a first person survival horror game which finds players stranded aboard a vast, derelict ship filled with traps, environmental hazards, and another passenger in the shape of a terrifying and deadly beast.

With no means to take their pursuer down the player must search the ship to discover a possible means of escape, using their wits and guile to evade the monster hunting them, running, hiding and luring it away with distractions to avoid getting killed.

Combining permadeath, a variety of different hunters and a procedurally generated ship that changes its layout every time, Monstrum is a challenging and punishing game that aims to be a truly replayable horror experience.


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