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Misc. Blog 15 – We went to EGX Rezzed again!

Ahoy! So as you may have noticed, we were showing off Monstrum at EGX Rezzed at the weekend! It was pretty packed, and the chair was always full, so if you dropped by then thanks very much! The reception and feedback from everyone was great, and we’re glad people took to the Oculus build so… Read more »

Audio Blog 11 – Cake Mix

Ahoy! This’ll be a quick blog on one of the more technical audio aspects of Monstrum: the audio mixing system. For audio guys this might be fairly basic stuff but it’ll give you a look at how we’re managing some of our audio systems. There isn’t exactly much of an understanding of game audio and… Read more »

Programming Blog 16 – Bug fixes

Hello all! Whilst the programmers at Junkfish have very much enjoyed watching videos of people trying to complete Monstrum this last week and laughing maniacally as they get ripped to pieces, we have also be identifying issues that have come up and fixing them. We have an update in the works that should help address… Read more »

Art Blog 24 – Animation Updates

It’s our first blog post since release! Exciting! Hope many of you have had a go in early access for yourself since then. Anyway, we’re busy getting our first update ready so I thought I’d share some new animations that we are getting in. Currently, some of the older ones are getting polished up too… Read more »

Art Blog 23 – Tour of the ship!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all looking forward to the upcoming early access release at the end of the month. In the time up to release, I thought I would do something a little different and make a video of some things we have been polishing up towards that time. Check out the video below! … Read more »

Programming Blog 15 – Pathfinding Solutions

Hi, it’s Stephanie here and today I’m going to talk about our pathfinding! (It was supposed to be Bean, but he forgot his password!) The monsters in our game use a custom pathfinding solution to navigate the ship, allowing it to take the dynamic layout of the ship and a multitude of obstacles in to account…. Read more »

Art Blog 22 – Polish. Cut. Pour.

Great leader Adam is away today, so ‘The Arts’ are here to take over for him, carry the torch, take the flag, lead the charge, you know? First and foremost, merry Christmas + check out this long giraffe I got from Peter. It’s pretty good, has a solid whip-like motion to it so it’s kind… Read more »

Programming Blog 15 – Entomophobia


Hello, Junkfish followers. Peter here, to present you another code-oriented blog. In the run up to Christmas, we’re easing back a bit on the major tasks and mechanics, and looking at another (less interesting, but equally necessary) part of development: BUG FIXING