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Design Blog 10 – RTFM. On Procedural Tutorials

Hey, Grant here, making another ham-fisted attempt at arranging words to form coherent sentences. Procedural games are a tricky business. As I’ve mentioned before, when you aren’t in strict control of things like the level layout and scripted events it adds a whole host of design considerations. One of the most important of these is… Read more »

Design Blog 09 – With Great Power…

Hey Grant here again, In my last blog I mentioned a concept that I refer to as ‘Responsibility’. Now I’d like to talk some more about it and how it is used in a couple of my favourite games. What do I mean by this? Basically the player should be able to trace back a… Read more »

Programming Blog 11 – Occlusion Culling: The Great Battle

Hi guys! Today I’d like to talk about the occlusion culling process used in Monstrum. As good as Unity is, we couldn’t use its culling support since it doesn’t support dynamic occlusion. Additionally, our light culling system was overhauled as well using a completely different system to the one we had before.   Geometry Occlusion… Read more »

News – Monstrum pushed back to January 2015

Hi everyone! We’ve got some pretty big news to announce that may disappoint a few of you: we have decided to officially push the release of Monstrum back by a few months to January 2015. This isn’t something that we’ve taken lightly, but truth be told we don’t think Monstrum will be at a level… Read more »

Misc. Blog 13 – Board? Games!

Ahoy! As we’ve spoken about in the past, a lot of us on the team really love playing board games. They offer some great insight into game design, and generally are pretty fun too. As such, I’ve stuck together a list for people who might be interested in getting some board games but don’t know… Read more »

Design Blog 08 – I choo choo choose you

Hi there. Grant here again, coming at you from our chamber of design, which is just a room that Jaime locks me in until I earn my freedom by producing blogs. Today I am going to talk about a core tenet of Monstrum that I feel I haven’t adequately mentioned when talking about the game…. Read more »

Programming Blog 10 – Dastardly Doors

Hello, Bean and Steph here! Doors. You may have heard of them. You may have even walked through one yourself. Well, it turns out this seemingly simple piece of modern technology becomes fraught with problems and design issues when it comes to including them in a video game. A recent article entitled “The Door Problem”… Read more »

Misc Blog 12 – Bring me my brown trousers!

Hi, Grant here again! We’ve all been pretty busy on stuff we’re not quite ready to talk about just yet, so rather than a design blog I’m going to talk about some games that have scared me silly. I’m aiming for ones that you may not have heard of, so no mentions of Amnesia or… Read more »

Misc. Blog 11 – Old Man Yells At Cloud

Ahoy! We’re all busy working on the new traps and areas that the rest of the team mentioned in some previous blog posts, and hopefully we’ll be able to show off a bit more of them later on. And some detailed noise related stuff, as it’s been a while since I spoke about the audio… Read more »

Design Blog 07 – It’s a trap!*

Hi, Grant here! Sorry for lack of design blogs recently but we’ve been busy working on some important mechanics for the game, which may or may not involve new and interesting monster behaviours. As we’ve said before monsters won’t be the only threats to the player aboard the ship, so in the meantime here’s a… Read more »