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Design Blog 04 – So all you do is play games, right?

As we’ve started doing this by discipline Grant and myself have joined together to bring you this super blog, now with extra design. Communication can be hard, I’m sure we’ve all been in an awkward situation where we think we’ve made our point succinctly but someone manages to take something completely different away from the conversation,… Read more »

Programming Blog 06 – The Dawn of Stairkind

Good afternoon/morning/day/night, whenever you are reading this, everybody. It’s been a pleasant Christmas holiday for everyone at Junkfish, and, after a brief writing break, Jaime has got us back to writing these blogs again for the interest of you all! So, us programmers will flex our minds and reflect on the key features we have… Read more »

Art Blog 07 – Starting to take shape

Hi everyone! We’re preparing to show some footage of the game in the near future, we thought it’d be a good time to talk about some of our inspirations regarding the game’s setting! Just to recap: the game is set on a derelict cargo vessel from the 70’s. So we had some fun researching the… Read more »

Misc. Blog 09 – Games of the Year!

Ahoy!   Things have wound down for the year at Junkfish Manor, so I figured it’d be an idea to wrap up the blog post with the team’s games of the year! Well, most of the team’s anyway. Our Glorious Leader, His Imperial Excellency and Admiral of Our Hearts Simon couldn’t make up his mind,… Read more »

Misc. Blog 08 – Christmas Time!

Ho Ho Ho, Merry Christmas Everyone! It’s Judy the animator at Junkfish, here again to blog about pointless things. Today instead of rambling about animatory (I don’t care if thats not a real word) business like I usually do, I shall instead talk about Christmas festive crap as it’s the last day here at Junkfish… Read more »

Programming Blog 05 – Ship Zones and Paint

It’s quickly approaching Christmas, and here in the Junkfish offices everyone is growing restless… Mr. Doyle even said he’d pay us if we were good employees! Eagerly anticipating the holiday season and some family time, spirits around here are jolly despite the unpleasant weather. We’ve given each other “lovely” presents and had a good laugh…. Read more »

Art Blog 06?

Hi everyone!   Sadly Adam can’t be with us today as he’s off to his parents’ for Christmas, however he did leave a replacement!   We are happy to have our new golden overlord. Tune in tomorrow for Peter’s blog!   Jaime

Misc. Blog 06 – Why Video Games and Tabletop Games can still be friends

With the unstoppable rise of digital and online entertainment over the last decade, one could be forgiven in thinking that tabletop games would be on the way out. However, this is clearly not the case, with games like ‘Catan’, ‘Resistance’ and others achieving success amongst gamers recently. Why is this? Well, my belief is that… Read more »

Art Blog 05 – The Poetic Process

Hi. Potaito time. Well now, what should today be about? Last time I revealed the prototype monsters and gave you my little insight into the Oculus Rift. Today? I don’t have any exciting products to review, nor do I have anything to reveal. Maybe I’ll have something for January. In the meantime we could go… Read more »