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Farewell Mr. Chips

We have some sad news. Our resident potato, forced giraffe appreciator, and all round great art man Andy Tait has decided to head landward and depart the good ship Junkfish for new adventures. We will miss his lovable face. Andy helped establish the tone in Monstrum with his environmental and texture work, and it’s safe… Read more »

Art Blog 24 – Animation Updates

It’s our first blog post since release! Exciting! Hope many of you have had a go in early access for yourself since then. Anyway, we’re busy getting our first update ready so I thought I’d share some new animations that we are getting in. Currently, some of the older ones are getting polished up too… Read more »

Art Blog 23 – Tour of the ship!

Hey everyone! Hope you are all looking forward to the upcoming early access release at the end of the month. In the time up to release, I thought I would do something a little different and make a video of some things we have been polishing up towards that time. Check out the video below! … Read more »

Art Blog 22 – Polish. Cut. Pour.

Great leader Adam is away today, so ‘The Arts’ are here to take over for him, carry the torch, take the flag, lead the charge, you know? First and foremost, merry Christmas + check out this long giraffe I got from Peter. It’s pretty good, has a solid whip-like motion to it so it’s kind… Read more »

Art Blog 18 – Life in the Deep

Hey All. Once again, we’ve been working on some super cool stuff that we would rather keep secret for now. However, I thought I would share some interesting videos that may, or may not be related in some way or form. (Maybe even set the mood by watching the first 3 whilst listening to this… Read more »

Art Blog 17 – Lighting Re-Visited

Hey everyone! Time for another art blog. This week we are working on ship lighting! With the new fuse system in place players are now able to power on/off different parts of the ship, which includes the lighting. The player should find it difficult to navigate the unpowered sections without light but we do not… Read more »