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Team Junkfish turns two! Grab the Monstrum OST for free!

Ahoy! It’s a happy moment for us at Junkfish Towers as we officially* turn two years old! Naturally, we celebrate with cats and cake! Anyway, we want to thank everyone who’s played Monstrum or helped us out along the way in some manner, so we’ve decided to make the soundtrack a PAY WHAT YOU WANT… Read more »

Audio Blog 12: Game Audio and the 50% fallacy

Ahoy! Before we begin: the Monstrum soundtrack is now up for grabs on Bandcamp! So go give it a spin :D! Monstrum OST by Jaime Cross Anyway, let’s cut to the chase. There’s been a phrase relating game audio that’s been bugging me for a while now, even though I used to say it myself,… Read more »

Audio Blog 11 – Cake Mix

Ahoy! This’ll be a quick blog on one of the more technical audio aspects of Monstrum: the audio mixing system. For audio guys this might be fairly basic stuff but it’ll give you a look at how we’re managing some of our audio systems. There isn’t exactly much of an understanding of game audio and… Read more »

Audio Blog 10 – Story in Games Pt. 2.5: Sonic Shipyard

Ahoy! This audio blog returns to the Story in Games/world building series that I was writing regarding game audio. Last time I looked at the IEZA Framework and broke down Animal Crossing: New Leaf’s sound design using it. As with the first blog on music in games, this time I’m going to break down some of Monstrum into… Read more »

Audio Blog 09: The Hunter’s Soundtrack

Ahoy! Today I’m going to talk about some music in Monstrum again, this time: the Hunter! As with the Brute’s themes there is a fair amount of sound design stuff going on as opposed to traditional instrumentation, so I’ll go over that as well as the general ideas that I was aiming for. In case you’ve… Read more »

Audio Blog 06 – Story in Games Pt.1: Speaking through Song

Ahoy! Today’s blog is based on an event that happened as part of Abertay’s Game Lab, loosely based on the topic of “story”, and how people from different disciplines tackled it in games. I was asked to provide an audio perspective, and given that I’m usually better at explaining things in written form than verbally… Read more »

Audio Blog 05 – 1.21 Gigawatts?!

Ahoy! It’s been a while since I’ve written an audio blog, so figured it was time to remedy that. As such, I’m gonna share some super handy tips on how to make electrical sparks on the cheap and without blowing up a fuse box! Or yourself, as that’s also bad. As a quick heads up,… Read more »

Audio Blog 04 – Vanilla Radio

Ahoy! I’ve had to work on stuff related to our Greenlight campaign and official announcement happening in the past two weeks (clickyclickyplugplug), which sadly left me with little time for doing audio work, so this will be fairly short… We’ve spoken about the use of distractions in the game and I want to talk quickly… Read more »