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Art Blog 18 – Life in the Deep

Hey All. Once again, we’ve been working on some super cool stuff that we would rather keep secret for now. However, I thought I would share some interesting videos that may, or may not be related in some way or form. (Maybe even set the mood by watching the first 3 whilst listening to this… Read more »

Art Blog 17 – Lighting Re-Visited

Hey everyone! Time for another art blog. This week we are working on ship lighting! With the new fuse system in place players are now able to power on/off different parts of the ship, which includes the lighting. The player should find it difficult to navigate the unpowered sections without light but we do not… Read more »

Audio Blog 06 – Story in Games Pt.1: Speaking through Song

Ahoy! Today’s blog is based on an event that happened as part of Abertay’s Game Lab, loosely based on the topic of “story”, and how people from different disciplines tackled it in games. I was asked to provide an audio perspective, and given that I’m usually better at explaining things in written form than verbally… Read more »

Audio Blog 05 – 1.21 Gigawatts?!

Ahoy! It’s been a while since I’ve written an audio blog, so figured it was time to remedy that. As such, I’m gonna share some super handy tips on how to make electrical sparks on the cheap and without blowing up a fuse box! Or yourself, as that’s also bad. As a quick heads up,… Read more »