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Art Blog 13 – Ship expansion!

Hi Everyone! The art team has another big update for you all! Upper Deck We’ve been adding more variation into the upper deck rooms. Right now we have been testing the addition of different light sources in the rooms to give more variation to the colour in the environment. Below is an example of this… Read more »

Art Blog 12 – Space to run around!

So we’ve completely re-designed one of the ways we escape the ship to make it a lot more in depth and interesting. Without giving too much away it is now a lot more complex and spans both the interior and exterior sections. With our new exterior sections, come a lot of new exterior art assets…. Read more »

Art Blog 11 – Cook, eat, clean.

So two of our lovely team members are away to GDC. Good luck to both of them. In the mean time, we are preparing our game for REZZED. I thought I’d share some screenshots of the kitchen, mess hall and bathroom currently in game. Here: A lovely kitchen for preparing tasty food. A cosy little mess… Read more »

Art Blog 10 – A Breath of Fresh Air

Hey there folks, Hope you’ve all heard the news that we’ve been Greenlit. Again, thank you for all your help and support if you voted for us. We’ve been working on putting together the exterior of the ship superstructure which is a nice change from the claustrophobic maze of rooms and corridors of the interior. Of… Read more »

Audio Blog 04 – Vanilla Radio

Ahoy! I’ve had to work on stuff related to our Greenlight campaign and official announcement happening in the past two weeks (clickyclickyplugplug), which sadly left me with little time for doing audio work, so this will be fairly short… We’ve spoken about the use of distractions in the game and I want to talk quickly… Read more »

Art Blog 09 – Below Deck…

Welcome to another art blog entry from the Arts. We had been working hard on the announcement trailer alongside the game the past couple of weeks. If you’ve not seen it, the link is here : The area shown in the trailer is the upper portion of the ship’s superstructure. This area holds the bridge,… Read more »

Art Blog 08 – Riker to The Bridge

Hi everyone! The bridge tile-set is well on its way to completion. Here are some current progress shots. Enjoy! We now have windows! Nothing outside as of yet though. Windows in the bunk rooms too as well as updated wooden panelling on the bunk tile-set.   Cheers! – Adam and the Arts

Audio Blog 02 – Musical Fun Time Happy Theatre

Ahoy! Jaime here, and this time around I’m going to be talking about our plans for the music system, as well as some of the things I’m hoping to channel and recommendations from the team regarding what they think the game should sound like musically. This’ll be a fairly short one, so don’t worry! As… Read more »

Audio Blog 01 – Monster Roar Sound Design

Hi! Jaime here, and today I’m going to talk about the sound design process for lil’ Sparky’s roars, grunts and general vocal noises. If you’ve not seen him before, Sparky’s our test monster that’ll not be in the game. But we love him all the same. “Hey.” Sound design, especially for vocal work, requires a… Read more »