Simon Doyle

Director, Team Leader and Designer

Stuff I do: My responsibilities revolve around the general management of the team and running of the company. I make sure people get what they need, are working towards defined goals and deliver on time. I also head the design group, helping come up with and refining our game concepts.

Stuff I enjoy about my field: Having an abstract idea and then seeing it turned into a working reality.

Gaming Interests: In the interest of my profile not taking on biblical proportions I'll just answer 'Very diverse'. My longest love affair is probably with strategy & RTS games. If I had to choose five titles that most 'effected' me they would probably be: Rome: Total War, Warcraft III, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy VIII & Tony Hawks: Pro Skater 3.

Other Interests: I spend the rest of my free time playing guitar far too loud, cooking massive amounts of meat and training for powerlifting.

Random: Ask for one new line of code and suddenly everyone's calling you "Kim-jong Doyle".


Adam Dart

Director, and Creative Director

Stuff I do: I'm creative director of the team. I also create 3D art. I play around with polygons and ensure everything in the game looks nice and pretty.

Stuff I like: I spend a lot of my spare time trying to improve my digital art skills. I particularly enjoy creating unique characters and vehicle designs and bringing them to life in 3D.

Gaming Interests: I am PC and console gamer. I like a variety of genre's, from FPS to strategy. I love Fallout, ARMA and XCom but I also enjoy the occasional Overwatch game with the programmers.

Other Interests: I also have a strong passion for travel and aim to build my collection of unique trinkets from each country I visit.

Random: Please speak some Chinese to me. I'm getting a little rusty.

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Judy Vernon


Stuff I Do: I mostly spend my time rigging and animating any models that the other artists give me. When I'm not doing that I help out with creating and texturing other art assets that are needed for our games.

Stuff I like: I like animating! It is fun and challenging. I pretty much like anything else that is related to this area.

Gaming: Lately I have become more of a PC gamer but I enjoy console games. My gaming taste is a mixed variety. This mixture includes games such as kingdom hearts, Amnesia, Bioshock, okami and the Batman Arkham series.

Other Interests: I enjoy going to the gym often and drawing in my spare time.

Random: I have a guilty love for Barbie movies.


    Stephanie Bazeley

    Programmer and PR assistant

    Stuff I do in the team: My current roles in the team involve being one of the main programmers working mainly on UI and gameplay elements and assisting our lovely sound man in PR related events.

    Stuff you like about your field: Shaders, they can create such beautiful scenes and cool effects!

    Gaming interests: Mainly consoles and Nintendo's 3DS my love for gaming comes from the Ratchet and Clank series, Kingdom Hearts and Pokemon! (I also enjoy a good game of Left 4 Dead with friends when they all don't have a vendetta to kill me!)

    Other interests: I love to draw in my spare time, my biggest weakness being the anime Sailor Moon and Adventure Time!

    Random stuffs: Pugs are the best dogs.


    Peter Edmond

    Games Tools Programmer

    Stuff I do for team: Primarily focused on the writing of tools and GUI systems to handle the set-up for procedural generation of content, and writing the algorithms responsible for generating the content based on the tools input.

    Stuff I like about my field: The idea of creating vast amounts of varied content based on limited input is awesome. As far as coding in general goes, having the computer do my bidding via input is wonderful.

    Gaming interests: All platforms and a wide variety of games appeal to me. Generally, sports-related games are the only ones I don't tend to enjoy. A slew of my favourite games include Dark Souls, Journey, The Last of Us, Morrowind, Kingdom Hearts, and Left4Dead. Particularly when we have a vendetta against Steph.

    Other interests: Board games and watching tv shows tend to be how I spend my time outside of playing games and programming. I also enjoy wasting money on large amounts of food and harassing Andrew Bean.


    Grant Campbell

    Gameplay Programmer and Designer

    Stuff I do: In addition to designing the game with Simon generally I work on the user interaction, which means putting in the player character and making sure the controls work and feel right.

    Stuff I like about my field: Breaking down abstract problems into logical and mathematical forms and devising solutions in the same vein. (Pretty much what coding is all about) I also really like seeing people get enjoyment out of things that we created.

    Gaming interests: I play pretty much anything PC, Console and Mobile alike, but my main joy comes from games that let me explore vast desolate worlds, for example series such as Metroid Prime, Fallout, Bioshock and The Elder Scrolls. Other interests: I have an intense hunger for media and knowledge, so when I'm not playing games you're likely to find me reading, watching films/TV, or listening to podcasts/music, and not always separately.

    Random: I have spent far more hours aimlessly driving around in the GTA series than I have playing the actual missions.


      Gary Robertson

      AI and Audio Programmer

      Stuff I do: Coding the AI behaviour which includes the reactions, decisions and movement of the enemies throughout the scene. Implementation of Jaime's audio assets into the game scenes to add atmosphere and audio feedback within the game.

      Stuff I like: Challenging and fun gameplay. If a game is too easy then I have no interest in it. I always like challenge of being able to do better at anything.

      Gaming: Stealth games are my main loves in the gaming world. Having the ability to approach the situation in any way you please has always been a big plus in this gaming line. However I am partial to a FPS with a good story.

      Other: Martial Arts and Professional wrestling or just listening to nice, calm and tranquil heavy metal music.

      Random: Won a few martial arts competitions and very nearly started training to be a martial arts instructor before attending university.


        Andrew Bean

        Lead Programmer

        Stuff I do for the team: I spend most of the day getting feature requests from Simon and Grant, telling them they are crazy and that whatever they said can't be done. Followed by assigning said features requests to the other programmers and telling them to get on with it. The rest of my day is spent actually programming and tracking down them pesky bugs.

        Stuff I like about my field: Creativity!

        Gaming: Charging as many horses as Rome will let me in to an unbreakable, infinite line of enemy pikemen, followed by Fus Ro Dah'ing my dog off a cliff.

        Other: Learning the occasional game theme on the piano!


          Graham Hill

          Level Designer